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No matter how large your home is, you?ve probably desired more space at one time or another. Managing your clutter is a wonderful way to create more space and put you back in control of your life – mentally, emotionally and physically.
When you surround yourself with clutter it makes it difficult to get things done, enjoy peace and quite, or spend your time in the way you want. Everything that surrounds you in your personal space should be working for you in some way. If the things in your personal environment are not supporting you and contributing to the positive quality of your life, then it is time to do something about it!
Make it a point to let go and make some room in your life. Getting rid of the clutter does not mean giving away all the things you love. It means creating an environment that serves you, supports you, and contributes to the lifestyle that you want.
The Road to Clutter Free is always under Construction.
The de-cluttering process should be a goal you can work towards.
Make it a point to do a little everyday to avoid spending precious weekend time “catching up on the housework”.
Start with one drawer, or area at a time getting rid of all those old, broken and useless items such as Kitchen gadgets, empty boxes, plastic carrier bags, bits of string, piles of magazines or clothes you will never wear again.
Decide what can be trashed, recycled or sold and the make necessary arrangements for disposing of all that annoying clutter.
Use space effectively to keep your home organised and functional.
Think multi-function storage solutions where space is limited and you simply cannot find a home for everything you want to keep.
Existing furniture can sometimes be used for storage.
– A chest can be used to store blankets.
– A chest of drawers in the living room can provide extra storage for office supplies, linens or CDs.


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